How Does Our Unique HLAN Referral Program Work?

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Let's Dive In

Imagine Working with More than One Agent

Our licensed concierge will help guide the client inside the HLAN to ensure the client has the best buying and/or selling experience possible. We will allow you to work with up to 4 area expert agents at no additional cost, all while the qualifying agents are still compensated once closed. Think about the advantages...

  • Maybe you're a seller looking to move to a completely different area but prefer to use a local expert to buy and sell. 
  • How about you're relocating to Raleigh-Durham or surrounding areas and need a Hyperlocal expert to advise? 
  • Maybe you want to move to NC but are looking at several different cities. 
  • Maybe you're looking in NC and other States?
  • Maybe you are looking for an agent with a specific expertise or a niche. Like an equestrian property or a condo expert. 

Please understand nobody is suggesting an experienced agent isn't capable of selling you a property in any market in which they're familiar. The difference can be subtle but make no mistake, a HyperLocal agent gives you an advantage. Here are some reasons.