Why use the HyperLocal Agent Network?


The HLAN is a unique referral-sharing platform that provides you access to more than just one “HyperLocal” agent when considering different areas in our market. We can also connect you with agents outside the Triangle area if you’re considering other parts of the state. The HLAN-licensed concierge will discuss your needs and then connect you with an agent(s) that are HyperLocal trained. They typically live or have lived in the area. They understand what it means to be HyperLocal!

As an industry leader and someone who has relocated hundreds of people and families to the Triangle area over the last 20 years… I have a secret… It’s not a big secret, in fact, I think it’s basically common sense.

When you’re looking at different areas, wouldn’t it be logical and desirable to use an agent that is an expert and usually a resident of the area(s) you’re considering? I’m not saying an agent outside the local area can’t negotiate and navigate the transaction successfully. I’m simply saying, there are many nuances that require knowledge that often someone not connected to the area might not be able to address in an efficient and effective way to ensure you’re getting the best representation possible.

  • Having an agent that doesn’t need to use google maps to navigate the area?
  • Having an agent that knows the area intimately?
  • Having an agent that knows the “lay of the land”, like where the landfills, flood areas, and airport flight paths are located? What are the area traffic patterns, or where the new roads are going? What about radon or water quality issues? On and on!
  • Having an agent that knows the new neighborhoods and businesses that are coming to the area?
  • Having an agent that understands the “trending” neighborhoods and areas?
  • Having an agent that knows the different builders, their reputations, the neighborhoods they were built in, and the history of the area?
  • Having an agent that’s not required to drive an hour away from their home to show you a single home?

I could go on and on about the subtle advantages of using HyperLocal agents, but I think most experienced buyers and sellers already understand the advantages. When you’re in a “competitive market” it’s extremely important to have an agent that gives you knowledge of the area. Knowledge is the main function of a successful negotiation through leverage. When you’re looking at homes in a “market shift” HyperLocal knowledge is just as important!