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The size of the property is critical, as horses require a significant amount of space to roam and graze. Make sure the property is large enough to accommodate your current and future needs.

Pastures and paddocks:

Pastures and paddocks should be well-maintained, with appropriate fencing and water sources. The type of fencing and materials used should be appropriate for the type of horses and the climate in the area.

Barn and stables:

The barn and stables should be well-designed and well-maintained, with appropriate ventilation, lighting, and storage. Consider the number of stalls needed, as well as the type of flooring and bedding material.

Riding arena:

An equestrian property should have a riding arena that is suitable for the type of riding you plan to do. Consider the size, surface, and drainage of the arena, as well as any lighting or irrigation systems.


If you plan to ride on trails, consider the accessibility and suitability of nearby trails. Make sure there are safe and scenic trails nearby that are suitable for your riding needs.

Water sources:

Make sure the property has reliable water sources for the horses, including natural sources such as ponds or streams, as well as man-made sources such as wells or water tanks.

Location and climate:

The location and climate of the property are important factors to consider. Choose a location with a moderate climate, and consider the proximity to equestrian facilities, feed and supply stores, and other amenities.

By considering these factors, you can select an equestrian property that is well-suited for your needs and the needs of your horses.

When purchasing an equestrian property, here are some important aspects to consider:

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